Do nice things with nice people…

Guided ascents of specific peaks (Munros, Corbetts, etc – nationwide)
Skills for the Hills: improve navigation, hill skills or hill fitness: create a personalised programme to give you the skills and confidence to venture out into the hills safely on your own.


What is it?

Skills acquisition and improvement for hillwalkers looking to “Do More” with their mountain days, and multi-day multi-Munro epics for the baggers!

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What level of fitness do I need?
Different mountains require different levels of fitness and commitment, and the weather can alter the experience drastically. Each advertised day will clearly state ascent, distance and expected duration involved, plus required level of fitness/prior experience. We have bracketed this into a simple system. Further information is available on each walk page.

Please use the key below:

 = *simple* walk, suitable for most beginners with a reasonable level of personal fitness, but no prior experience. Routes will predominantly follow established paths with little or no exposure. Distance, duration and ascent minimal. Relatively straightforward.

 = *challenging* walk, suitable for most with prior hillwalking experience. Routes in this category will be more challenging than the preceeding category, without being too full on.

 = *difficult* walk, suitable only for those with prior hillwalking experience and established fitness. The days will be long, the routes sometimes pathless, and the experience all the more fulfilling because of the challenge.

? = a little spiciness is part of this walk. You may encounter an exposed section or two.

What if I don’t know anyone to go with?
Not a problem! One of the most enjoyable aspects of hillwalking is the social side. We are able to safely accommodate larger numbers of participants on our mountain days (1:12 max ratio). It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and make long term friends.
What if the weather is bad?
A poor forecast is no reason not to go hillwalking – more often than not overcoming this is all part of the challenge of hillwalking and mountaineering, especially in Scotland! Good waterproofs and a positive attitude go a long way! Disclaimer: whilst we obviously intend to complete our objectives on the day, your safety and well-being is of paramount importance. Inclement weather conditions on the day may result in an alternative being offered.
What kit do I need?


*Good winter walking boots with ankle support and a decent tread, well-fitted and previously used. These will need to be “beefier” than summer boots and have a stiff sole (B2 or B3 rated) that will accept crampons)

*Walking axe (straight-shafted, usually between 60-80cm is a good size)

*Walking crampons (fitted to your boots BEFORE going onto the hill)

Good waterproof jacket and trousers/salopettes (not ski-wear – too hot!)

Comfortable non-restrictive clothing (not jeans)
Potentially thermals if the weather is cool or you feel the cold

Some form of packable insulation (e.g. fleece/down jacket)
Decent backpack (35-50 litres is a good size), with some form of waterproof liner (better than a raincover)
Warm hat

Gloves (I take a variety of thin and thick gloves – usually at least 3 pairs)

Headtorch (essential)

Food and water

*If required please contact me beforehand and suitable hire locations can be recommended/collected on your behalf.

Useful extras:

Walking poles (broad-based snowbaskets can help)
Drybags for items inside rucksack (helps waterproof and organise contents)
Gaiters (a great help, especially on the boggier walks or in snow!)
Mittens (if it is especially cold, there is no better way to keep your hands warm)
Spare hat or Buff (versatile and excellent bit of kit)
Goggles (if it is especially windy, with a lot of snow around, these can really help your vision)
Flask for soup/hot drinks
*N.B: in the interests of your own personal safety and well-being, Dubh Mor reserves the right to refuse to take participants on the hill if their personal clothing is deemed unsuitable and potentially dangerous. Should you have any queries regarding the suitability of your kit, please contact us prior to booking – we are happy to help!


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