Skye Cuillin Ridge Traverse ONE DAY Attempt

Skye Cuillin Ridge Traverse ONE DAY Attempt


11 Munros

1/3 days – 11 Munros – Grade 1-3 scrambling and Severe Rock Climbing

Spice Factor: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ | Difficulty: ⛰️⛰️⛰️
Min 1 – Max 2

*Bespoke bookings only – no open events* (Private: 1:1 @ £899pp / 1:2 @ £499pp)
*Previous scrambling, Skye experience and exceptional personal fitness required
*Previous training/assessment trips with Dubh Mor required


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The biggest and best mountaineering expedition in the UK!!! A serious and committing expedition across a continuous 12km knife-edged ridge, involving 22 peaks (11 Munros) and over 4,000m / 13,000ft of ascent.  Incorporating prolonged scrambling, climbing up to Severe and a ridgetop bivi: this trip is our premium product, and not for beginners.


Skye is notoriously fickle for weather. Although a one day course, you still book 3 days. To maximise your chances of success, you book a minimum three day window, and aim to complete the traverse during the best day of weather, usually involving a bivouac on top of the ridge the night before. This assumes you are already on the island and does not take into account personal travel time to/from Skye!! Depending on the exact logistical approach and weather window, the 3rd day may be used to retrieve bivi kit after an attempt, go rock climbing, or just simply rest! As we will need to be moving quickly, this 1 day attempt is even more dependant than the 2 day course on good weather and the rock being dry. The completion of the traverse will take priority over the bagging of Munros. Personal fitness, currency in the mountains and kit must also be at an exceptionally high standard.

Sample Itinerary for good weather, max times:

Day 1: Approach: 2-4hrs. Approach main ridge by Coire a’ Ghrunnda: bivi on Gars-bheinn

Day 2: Traverse day: 10-17hrs. EARLY start (leave bivi gear for later collection)

LEAVE Gars-bheinn @ 0600
2hrs TD @ 0800
5hrs Arrive In Pinn @ 1100
8hrs Arrive An Dorus @ 1400
9hrs Arrive Bealach na Glaic Mor @ 1500
10hrs Bealach a Harta @ 1600
12hrs Bruach na Frithe @ 1800
14hrs Sgurr nan Gillean @ 2000
17hrs Sligachan Hotel @ 2300
[9-17hrs. 9000ft ascent 12km]

Day 3: retrieve bivi kit and vehicles. Go rock climbing if legs still work! 😉

*Booking extra days (e.g: 4/5 total,) vastly increases the chances of gaining a suitable weather window, adequate rest and preparation time. Extra days can be booked at £200 extra per day. If the traverse is completed then these days can be use for rock climbing or further scrambling. Any extra days not used due to weather will be refunded at £25 per person per day.

Dubh Mor Outdoor strongly advises contacting us well beforehand and arranging a long term training programme, and ideally some instruction and prior training days with Neil, in order to give you the greatest chance of success on this demanding route. Time spent becoming conversant with ropework, scrambling, climbing and bivi techniques is particularly beneficial, as is maintaining a high level of personal aerobic fitness and core strength. The more training we have done together prior to a ridge traverse attempt, the higher our chances of successful completion.

Each and every traverse attempt will be run by Neil personally. He has operated out of Skye for several years now, walking, scrambling, climbing and sea-kayaking, and has completed nearly 20 traverses. His love for the Cuillin is unmatched. As a qualified Mountaineering Instructor, offering coaching, tips and instruction throughout, as well as the physical security of a rope when required, you will be in the safest of hands, allowing you to tackle the magnificent scrambling of the Cuillin with confidence and security.

Price includes guide fee (inc. overnight on bivouac) plus all technical equipment.

Group sizes are kept exceptionally low to maximise your safety, enjoyment and chances of success.

A high standard of fitness, prior experience in Skye, scrambling and hill-running is required to consider this course. Dubh Mor will only take known and returning clients with an established level of fitness, experience and competence for this epic event! The single day is likely to be longer and harder than anything you have previously attempted. The one day traverse attempt is even more susceptible to and dependant on good, dry weather, in order to be able to move quickly and safely over the rock.

An exceptionally high level of fitness is required for this 1 VERY long and demanding big day. ⛰️⛰️⛰️

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