#WinterSkills Week – 5 Day Course

#WinterSkills Week – 5 Day Course


Designed for anyone who wants to improve their winter skills, knowledge and abilities. Our 5 day courses allow us the most detailed and comprehensive programme to fully explore and understand the syllabus. Suitable for both beginners or intermediate, as long as you are physically fit and have some summer hillwalking experience as a minimum.

You can pay the full balance below, or reserve a place with a £100 deposit and subsequent installments (to pay this way, please email us at dubmoroutdoor@gmail.com to set up a 0% finance payment plan).


Based in the majestic Cairngorms, the course will be very practical with an emphasis on learning through doing. Initially, we focus on introducing and honing core winter skills, before tackling more complex techniques. We go beyond simply teaching you hard skills such as use of ice axe and crampons. We aim to improve your awareness and understanding of the decision-making process involved in the planning and execution of successful winter hill days, in order to give you the skills and confidence to operate independently in the hills in winter. As the course progresses, if weather conditions allow, we will plan longer days to include several classic Scottish Munros. We pride ourselves on offering a professional yet social environment conducive to learning and fun! So whether this is your first foray into the winter environment, or you would like to improve existing skills, this course is ideal for you.
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Unfortunately due to Coronavirus our residential weeks are running as non-residential courses, but they will still have the same fabulous “on-the-hill” content!
 5 days guiding and instruction
  Very small group sizes and personalised feedback
 Detailed instruction in winter skills techniques
 At least 3 big mountain days involving multiple Munros
 Discounts on outdoor equipment from affiliated retailers
 Introductory and Intermediate ability-friendly

Join us to improve not just your skills, but also your knowledge, confidence and decision-making.

Our qualified, experienced and friendly instructors will teach you everything you need to know…

Everything you need to know...
Equipment and clothing selection and correct usage
Safe and effective use of winter boots, crampons and ice axe in a variety of terrain, weather and snow conditions
Improved personal movement on snow and ice
Arresting a slip
Ascending, descending and traversing safely and effectively
Navigation in the winter environment
Avalanche awareness, interpretation and avoidance
Weather forecasts and interpretation
Hazardous conditions and emergency procedures
Emergency snow shelters
Seasonal variations – understanding where to go and when
Route planning and guidebook interpretation
Decision-making on and off the hill
Sample Itinerary

Day 1:
 Introduction of core winter skills
 Equipment selection and fitting
How to use ice axe and crampons
Self arrest practice on steep ground
Navigation in winter conditions
Survival situations

Day 2
Introduction of more complex intermediate techniques
Increased self-awareness and self-reliance for participants

Day 3
Plan, interpret and manage a big mountain day
Classic Scottish winter Munros and/or Corbetts